Part 7

After many parts talking about heroes and NFT heroes, today we will come to items that are very important for strengthening in MyMasterWar. Here is the item that is very important for strengthening your NFT heroes, as well as for other heroes: Epic and Blue - SICHUAN BROCADE

It is important to collect as much as possible, it is even more important to spend it wisely, and think over your team in advance. The spent resources can be returned, but in this case, 20% will be lost.

There are many opportunities to earn Sichuan Brocade, the options are shown below, for more efficiency, it is better to use them all.

  1. Log in:

Every day you can collect rewards, including Sichuan Brocade.

2. Activity:

In this section, rewards are periodically given out for specific actions in the game, for example, for spending golds. Don't forget to check it out.

3. World boss:

Twice during the day, you can attack the world boss and get the "Honor" reward for the damage done. "Honor" can be exchanged for Sichuan Brocade, the exchange takes place in the Shop.

4. Shop:

In the "Arena" tab, you can exchange "Honor" for Sichuan Brocade. Attention!!! The exchange during the day is limited, so if you have a large amount of "Honor", it is important to exchange every day!

5. Arena:

For participation in battles with other players in the Arena, the "Honor" award is issued once a day, and it can also be changed in the store.

6. Market:

In the "Market" you can buy Sichuan Brocade, you can do this every 2 hours, the main thing is to find it. But there are other useful resources in the market, you should think before buying the whole Sichuan Brocade.

7. MMW Rank:

Taking part in the battles of this mode, you will receive "Medals", which can be exchanged for Sichuan Brocade. "Medals" can also be exchanged for other interesting rewards.

8. Refine:

If you spend Sichuan Brocade on a hero you no longer need, you can dismantle it and return 80% of Sichuan Brocade back. To do this, go to the «Disassembly» section and select «Refine».

Summary: this is a guide to help you to focus on collecting items in a correct way to save resources so that you can shorten the distance from old players, always keep an eye on the game's store. P/s: Next part will go next week. Wait!

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