MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem

1. Overview

MyMasterWar is a DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem with the difference that blockchain technology is applied to the game, along with Free Play to Earn and Staking model. Unlike many other NFT Games, MyMasterWar does not require users to spend any money to start playing, which revolves around the plot:

· Humans crave power, desire to live forever, want to change heaven and earth, and master the vast universe;

· To do this, humans need an evolution in both their thought and power. The best scientists in the world have researched, invented, and refined the most elite genes in history. Users, as kings to rule their kingdoms, have to cross time and space, create real battles to improve and evolve themselves.

The first part of MyMasterWar takes place in the Middle Ages, Play as a king who rules over a Kingdom, recruit politicians, heroes, build an army, build strategies, and bring troops to unify the world. Hero System (Heroes):

· The system of Heroes is very diverse, gathering all the Heroes around the world;

· In the first part, the Heroes that appeared were the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms period of China, gradually expanded to other Heroes of all countries in the Middle Ages.

The second part will be in the future when humans cross time and space to build their Virtual Metaverse Empires. In the 3D virtual world, users will play the role of gods with endless strength and wisdom, capable of creating their own universe and conquering the new world, chasing the Dark Universe..

The game system supports multiple platforms and multiple devices:

· Web games (PC, mobile phone, tablet)

· Android;

· IOS.

2. Gameplay of the first part of MyMasterWar

Users and the game universe: Users can choose their scenario, each user is like a king of a country, owns territory, recruits, selects or buys Heroes, builds armies, exploits resources, buys and equips weapons, magic treasures, formations, herbs ... (referred to in-game items), send the army to Expedition, pacify the world ..., in the process of Expedition, users can devise strategies and tactics for each battle. The first stage of the game revolves around the story of the Three Kingdoms and is upgraded and expanded gradually around the world, starting from China, then expanding to Asian countries, then Europe, and the world war.

The whole game has many Chapters, Chapters are leaded according to the game's plot, each Chapter has its distinct theme. The missions in each Chapter will have plot content around the corresponding theme. Users will experience through Chapters of the system from easy to difficult. The higher the chapter, the harder the level.

Each chapter has many stages, which are understood as important lands, with roads leading to the country, with city gates and with Heroes and troops guarding. Pass the Chapter is defeat Heroes or guarding troops by the gates of the city.

Each stage has 2 types: Normal and Elite. Each stage has many battles to play. In addition, the game system has many Demon Gates, also known as Hell's Gates, the life-to-death missions.

Some outstanding activities in game:

· Nation war: As a battlefield of forces or countries, the first stage of the game opens with 3 countries of Shu, Wei, and Wu fighting directly in the cities on the map. The game system will gradually be upgraded, expanding the map and country to many other Asian and European countries. When opening the National War, users need to clear the fog on the map by defeating the Bot in all the cities on the map;

· Arena: Where users will directly compete with each other to compete for the top position;

· EPIC War: Where wars are going down in history and the users’task is to cross the Chapter to receive;

· Treasure: Users can match pieces to get Treasures (For example, ancient books of tactics and horses, ...) and can steal Treasure pieces of other users or Bots. The condition to open this feature is that users pass Expedition, Normal Chapter 1, Chapter 4, battle 5. Treasure pieces can be obtained by opening Gold Chests, Silver Chests, Bronze Chests, robbing other users and receiving them from the "Campaign" activity. Different treasure qualities require different numbers of pieces to match.

3. MAT Token, NFT in MyMasterWar

3.1. What is MAT Token

The token of the MyMasterWar ecosystem is MyMasterWar Token, denoted as MAT or MAT Token.

Phase 1, MAT refers to My Master War Token, the token for the game ecosystem. MAT follows the standard BEP20 token on the Binance Smart Chain platform (BSC) and is controlled by smart contracts. MAT token can be used for:

· Buying game items: such as weapons, equipment;

· Upgrade levels: such as VIP-01, VIP-02 …;

· Game rewards: players will receive rewards when they win a battle, conquer the stronghold …;

· Referral system: When players refer friends to play the game, they will receive an amount of MAT tokens proportional to the referral's trading volume;

· Staking: Players can stake their MAT token in the game system to receive rewards;

· Exchange on centralized/decentralized exchanges Most of the token is controlled by smart contracts, please check the tokenomics session for more detail …

Phase 2, the system will be expanded to support multiple Coin platforms such as Ethereum coin.

3.2. What is NFT in MyMasterWar

NFT in the ecosystem waiting to play MyMasterWar can be Heroes, horses, items, items such as: (magic treasures, scriptures, weapons, furnaces, medicinal herbs ...), land, troops, spirit beasts, ...

3.3. How is MAT Token used

· Buy items in the game such as: Weapons, magical treasures, equipment ...

· Upgrade Levels such as: VIP-01, VIP-02…;

· Rewards in the Game by MAT Token: users will receive rewards when winning the specified battles, passing the specified levels, will be rewarded with MAT Token;

· Referral system for playing games and top-up MAT Token: When a user introduces a friend to play the game, the referred person plays the game and buys MAT Token, the referrer will receive an amount of MAT Token. proportional to the referrer's trading volume. The rate will be regulated from time to time, according to the event, publicly announced on the media channel;

· Staking for Rewards: users can lock Cryptocurrencies for a period of time, to receive rewards. The reward will be based on the users/ investor's effort, including: staked token amount & stake duration.

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