15. Smithy


At the home screen of the game (Home), click on the "Smithy" function, illustrated:

Opening condition: pass Chapter 1, stage 1, battle 4.

Place to fusion low-class equipment and Rune to higher tier, users need Copper to fusion Rune and equipments:

  • Rune;

  • Item.

Rune: In order to fusion higher tier of Rune, a certain amount of the same tier Rune is required:

  • Green needs 2 white tier Runes;

  • Blue needs 4 green tier Runes;

  • Purple needs 6 blue tier Runes;

Users can manual choose Rune or click on the "Auto" button to quickly place Runes in the positions. Auto-set will place the Rune in the top row and from left to right in the previous compound position.

If users put Rune in all positions, users can Fusion them, successfully fusioning, users will receive a higher tier of Rune.

If fail, users will lose half of the selected Rune.

Success rate of Fusion Rune will change every 30 minutes, the success rate of each Rune when grafting is about:

  • Green tier: from 60-100%;

  • Blue tier: from 30-70%;

  • Purple tier: from 0-40%;

Below the placement of Rune for Fusion is information about the success rate and countdown time until the next change, illustrated:

In addition, users can use items to increase the success rate when fusion Treasures. There are 3 types of items that increase the success rate of Treasure Fusion:



Added success rate

Small Blessing Jar


Mid Blessing Jar


Big Blessing Jar


Equipment: to fusion into higher tier equipment requires 5 equipment of the same tier. Similar to Rune, users can also choose to equip themselves or can automatically place equipment into a fusion position.

After placing all equipment in place, it can be fusion, successful fusion, users will receive 1 higher tier equipment.

If fail, users will lose 3 of the 5 selected equipments or can lose all and receive the corresponding Copper for each lost equipment.

The success rate when fusion equipment changes according to the tier of the selected equipment:

  • White: 80%;

  • Green: 40%;

  • Blue: 20%;

  • Purple: 10%.

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