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Battle Arena and Daily Quest

1. Battle Arena

Function Location: The function icon is located on the home screen.

Conditions of participation: players own at least 1 NFT hero in the game.

Participating in the battle arena, players need to pass stages to receive rewards, this function include 12 stages:

- Stages 1 to 9: completing will receive a bonus chest containing activity points (AT) to receive rewards in the Daily Quest function, each chest will receive 10 points.

- Stages 10 to 12: completing will receive a reward chest containing random in-game items or MAT Token.

2. Heroes information in this function:

- Heroes are level 30 and equip a full set of skills, except the heroes which were opened from the GameFi boxes will be at level 35. - The skills of the team are allowed to use (at level 1).

- No equipment, no fate.

- There are mutual births, opposites of the five elements, and against army.

- Heroes are in the list of NFT heroes that the player already owns in the game but they are not affected by any player's upgrading.

- Soldiers are in the list of purple heroes divided into 5 types of troops, each army type displays up to 2 heroe which can refresh the list of heroes by gold.

Clicking “Refresh” will pop up the following screen:

To be able to fight passes, players need to have NFT heroes and soldiers that are available in function at the battle squad.

Different stages will require different conditions:

- Stages 1 to 3: need to have at least 1 NFT heroes in the battle squad

- Stages 4 to 6: need to have at least 2 NFT heroes in the battle squad.

- Stages 7 to 9: need to have at least 3 NFT heroes in the battle squad.

- Stages 10 to 12: require at least 3 NFT heroes in the battle squad and must reach 18 stars from the previous 9 stages.

Each stage will have 3 stars, the rules for calculating stars are as following:

- Any heroes die, lose 1 star.

- Pass the stage above 60 seconds, lose 1 star.

Heroes who died in battle will not be able to go to battle and can be revived with gold.

Heroes who lose HP after battle can be fully restored HP with gold.

Can refresh the enemy squad who protect the stage with gold.

Information about the squad is the same as usual.

2. Daily Quest

Function Location: The function icon is located on the home screen.

The daily missions include 3 bonus milestones, 180, 360 and 540 points, to receive the bonus, players need to accumulate enough active points (AT).

Activity Points (AT) can be gotten from the functions that are listed in Daily Missions including: Arena and coming soon MyMasterWar Rank, ….

Receiving reward chests for milestones will receive MAT Tokens. When receiving all 3 milestones, the accumulated activity points and bonus milestones will be refreshed from the beginning.

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