Game account and wallet account

1. Account system in MyMasterWar

The system has 2 types of accounts

• Wallet account to buy, sell, rent NFT;

• Gaming account.

When a user (investor or gamer) invests MAT Token, specifically buying, selling, and renting NFT Heroes on Marketplace, a Wallet account is required.

When the user enters the game, they must create an account in the game account registration screen, to be able to play the game. In case the user already has a wallet account, when entering the game, the user will link the wallet account with the corresponding user game account. Then, for Heroes, items, NFT items will be linked and displayed in the game for users.

2. Gaming account

2.1. Sign up

Users access the homepage of, perform the click "Play now" on the menu system of the homepage. After clicking “Play now”, the game screen will appear.

To register a game account, users need to correctly fill in the following information:

· Account name: from 6 to 12 characters;

· Password: at least 6 characters, to ensure safety, it is recommended to use a secure password consisting of letters, uppercase letters, numbers ... according to the standards of how to set a secure password.

· Captcha: Please enter the correct captcha code in the picture

2.2. Sign in

Once the users have a game account, user can log in to play the game.

In case users enter incorrect Account or Password, a pop-up notification will appear “Account or password is wrong”

3. Sign up for a Wallet account

To be able to receive MAT Tokens earned in the game and buy and sell NFT Heroes on Marketplace, users need a digital wallet,

The current supported digital wallet is MetaMask, in the future we will support other Wallets. MetaMask can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

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