13. Treasure


At the game home screen (Home) click on the "Arena" function, illustrated:

Then the following screen appears:

Opening conditions: pass Chapter 1, Stage 4, Battle 5.

Users can match pieces to get Treasures and can steal Treasure pieces from other users or Bots. Treasure pieces can be obtained by opening Gold Chests, Silver Chests, Bronze Chests, robbing other users and obtained from the "Campaign" activity. Different treasure tiers require different numbers of pieces to match:

  • Green: 4 pieces;

  • Blue: 5 pieces;

  • Purple: 6 pieces;

Each piece position needed to match will show the number of pieces users have, users can only loot pieces that do not have enough quantity.

Stealing other users or Bots also divides the loot rate from low to high according to the color of white, green, blue, purple, the higher the ratio, the higher the users’ battle strength or the higher the Bot holds the piece.

Click on the missing piece at the Treasure screen, detailed image:

Then the following screen appears:

Click on “Claim” and the following screen will appear:

In addition to manual rob, users can choose to automatically rob (lowest chance, 100% win without fighting). Automatic rob has 2 options: 1 time rob and automatic rob. Auto rob will continuously do until users get the Treasure piece at that position or run out of stamina.

At the Treasure piece loot screen, click the “Auto” button, detailed picture:

Then the following screen appears:

Click on the “Grab it” button, the following screen will appear:

Each time robbing another user, users will spend 2 staminas. In addition to the Treasure piece, users can gain more experience, Copper and choose 1 of 3 random items when winning.

Users can use the item "Protection Card" or 100 Gold to prevent others from stealing the piece of Treasure in Inventory, the protection will remain for 4 hours.

Note: Protection Card is an item used to prevent other users from stealing the Treasure piece.

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