10.12 Mine


At the game home screen (Home) click on the "Mine" function, illustrated:

Open condition: users reach Level 20.

Mine contains mine locations that users can occupy to mine Copper and Cold.

Mine is divided by level, including 3 different levels: Level 20-40, Level 40-70, Level 70-100, each level will have 4 mining areas, each area has 12 mining locations that users can occupy.

Mine locations are divided into 3 categories from high to low: Big mine, medium mine, and small mine. The higher the quality of the mine, the more Copper and Gold will be received:

  • Big mine: there is 1 mining location;

  • Medium mine: there are 3 mining locations;

  • Small mine: there are 8 mining locations.

To be able to take the mine, users need to defeat the Bot holding the mine or the user holding the mine. Once capturing and robbing the user’s mine will cost 6 stamina.

Click on any mine location will appear the following screen:

When capturing a mine, users can change the Occupy Hero to ensure that mine will not be stolen by another user.

Click on the occupying mine location will appear the following screen:

A user can only occupy a maximum of 2 mines in the same mining time.

Mining time is maintained for 10 hours, after mining time, users will receive rewards.

At the Mine screen, click on "Battle Report", illustrated:

Then the following screen appears:

Users can see their own mining history as well as attack and stolen at Battle report (reports on obtained resources, information about users’ mine attacks and stolen, information about stolen during mining).

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