We are committed to building games, communities and ecosystems in a sustainable way. So all the token metrics such as the total number, the allocation ratio, the lock rate ... are carefully considered.

MyMasterWar smart contract address: 0xf3147987a00d35eecc10c731269003ca093740ca

1. Token metrics:

  • Token name: My Master War Token

  • Token symbol: MAT

  • Total supply: 100.000.000 MAT

  • Blockchain network: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

2. Token allocation

3. Vesting schedule:

  • Private Sale (12%): 15% is unlocked at TGE, 2 months cliff then linear vesting block-by-block in 15 months;

  • Public Sale (2.5%): 25% is unlocked at TGE, then 25% is unlocked monthly over 3 months;

  • Liquidity & Marketing (10.5%): 15% is unlocked at TGE, then linear vesting over the next 24 months;

  • Ecosystem (25%): 5% is unlocked over the first month, then linear vesting over the next 36 months;

  • Play To Earn (15%): Use as rewards for users during the game playing;

  • Treasury (15%): Unlock over 60 months;

  • Team & Advisor (20%): The token is fully locked in the first 6 months, then unlock over 18 months.

4. Lock/unlock conditions

All token metrics, lock/unlock conditions are transparently written in smart contract and source codes are public on the github so that everyone can access, check and audit the project.

We're excited to announce that $MAT Liquidity has been locked successfully! Taking another step towards the long term commitment of the project and community.

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