My Master War

Road map

The team is running fast and rhythmic steps according to the drop map to bring the community the most enjoyable DeFi x NFT gaming ecosystem in the future.

Q1, Q2 2021

  • Verify ideals, start designing and building the My Master War games
  • Connect with advisors and prepare for official plans

Q3 2021

  • Complete coding the game
  • Apply blockchain technologies into the game
    • Buy game items, upgrade level by MAT tokens
    • Mint general NFT tokens (by game creator)
    • Reward MAT token for players who stake MAT, win the game or their referential.
  • NFT marketplace for players to buy/sell the bosses, heroes
  • Private sale round

Q4 2021

  • Improve the game
    • Improve UI/UX, animation ...
    • Publish our games on Google Play and the App Store
    • Allow players to create (mint) general NFT token
  • Listing MAT on PancakeSwap
  • Listing MAT on top-10 centralized exchange
  • Officially launching the game and starting the staking pool.

From 2022

  • Improve the game, UI/UX, Animation...
  • Develop the second part of the game will take place in a future where humans cross space and time building their own virtual Metaverse empires
  • Community development
  • Business expansion
  • Operating and exploiting
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