How to buy MAT and NFT

How to buy MAT and NFT

After two previous parts, we received many requests for a guide to buy MAT and NFTs. For old players, that is very simple but with new players, it is still difficult. To meet that, we have continued to write this part.

  1. Instructions to buy $MAT tokens

Prerequisites: There is a Metamask wallet and BUSD (or USDT ) in the wallet.

1.1. Players need to connect their wallet with Pancakeswap or PooCoin

  • Pancakeswap :

  • Poocoin :

1.2. After connecting to one of the two decentralized exchanges (We use pancakeswap here), players need to use the import contract of MAT to be able to start buying MAT tokens.

MAT contract: 0xf3147987a00d35eecc10c731269003ca093740ca

1.2.1 Connect wallet.

1.2.2 Process to tokens ‘s exchanging interface

1.2.3 Click “Trade”, then click “Exchange”

1.2.4 Click on the token icon below (as shown) to add MAT contract

1.2.5 Add MAT contract and import token to be able to trade MAT at pancakeswap.

1.2.6 After completing the import, you will be taken to this interface, click on “I understand” to be able to confirm to pancakeswap that you want to exchange MAT tokens.

1.3 After completing the above steps, now you just need to enter the number of MAT you want to buy and confirm.

  1. Instructions to buy NFTs on MarketPlace

2.1 Players access the homepage of MyMasterWar at to be able to access MarketPlace

or access directly at:

2.2 After accessing the MarketPlace, the player needs to connect the wallet.

2.3 Select the NFT that player wants to buy and click “Buy Now” (pay attention that total MAT tokens in player ‘s wallet are enough), verify that player wants to buy the selected NFT and check player ‘s NFT at the inventory (in My Account)

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