14. Secret Base

Secret Base

At the game home screen (Home) click on the "Secret Base" function, illustrated:

Open condition: users reach Level 25.

Secret Base is divided into 5 areas corresponding to user level: Level 25-40, Level 40-55, Level 55-70, Level 70-85, Level 85-100. Each area will have 5 stages.

Click on the construction image in the Secret Base function screen, detailed picture:

Then the following screen appears:

In the Secret Base, users can only send to battle up to 3 Heroes, the remaining positions of the ally will have to choose from the existing Bots, these Bots have the same level as users’ level, The special thing is that these available Bots do not have the Spear army. The maximum number of Bots users can choose each turn is 8. Users who open more positions in the main ally will also gain additional positions in the Secret Base, the maximum number of Heroes sent to battle is 8.

User can get Copper and one or more rewards, Rune from the clearing reward chest, the higher the stage, the bigger the reward.

Click on the reward chest when passing the stage:

Then the following screen appears:

In addition to the reward chest, users can also receive Commander’s Seal and soldier equipment, materials to upgrade Heroes when passing a stage. Each time users pass the stage, users lose 12 staminas.

In "Secret Base", Heroes who lose HP will recover 20% of their maximum HP when passing the battle. Users can revival and restore a Hero's lost HP by Gold.

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