Part 3

The end of the part 2 and that’s just a part so users can have a clearer picture of the types of resources that need to be saved and the general patterns to use.

In this part, we will introduce to you the blue generals that can help users get to the mid-game stage very well.

In most of the strategy games, it basically always needs 3 types of troops. The first will definitely be a type of army that takes damage, the second will be a type of army that deals damage, the third will be a type of army capable of supporting and healing the frontline troops to withstand the most optimal damage…

And MyMasterWar is no exception so let’s stick to the 3 types of troops above and it will help us achieve perfection in team building in the long run. The introduction here is also quite long, we will enter the most important part, which is the top blue champions that we recommend to use and should not ignore them.

  1. Zhang Chunhua

This is a hero with extremely good support (healing) ability, because she owns up to 2 healing skills for her teammates. A skill that heals 15% health for the lowest ally, and a skill that heals 15% for an area with low health allies, this general pattern will help keep our frontline very solid.

2. Lady Gan

Standing in 2nd place on this list, will be Lady Gan. Because Lady Gan and Zhang Chunhua both have the same 2 active healing skills, so when owning these 2 green generals, your frontline will be very solid.

3. Wu Guo Tai

She is a hero with a skill that deals damage based on %HP of the enemy and a skill that heals the ally with the lowest health. Hence she is a great assassin capable of dealing damage over time.

4. Yue Jin

He is one of the archery heroes that I consider to be the best with 2 active skills, one that helps us wipe out minions very well and one that deals great damage. This is an extremely powerful hero model if you do not own the purple hero Da Qiao. (if you already have Da Qiao but the other damage slots are missing, this guy can still help you at least until level 7x and of course during that stage you should try to accumulate give yourself important hero shards).

There are 4 blue heroes that can help you play well in the 1x -> 6x stage (Yue Jin is an exception). In the next part, we will continue to reveal to users some heroes that take hits and deal good damage, please look forward to it.

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