Newbie instruction

1. MetaMask Wallet Guide

Instruction: What is MetaMask:

Getting Started with MetaMask:

Tutorial How to Create Metamask Wallet:

2. Instructions to connect Metamask wallet to the game.

Log in to the game at the following link:

After logging in, at the home screen, follow steps in the following order:

(1) Click on the character image in the left corner of the screen, the CHARACTER INFORMATION screen appears.

(2) Click the “Affiliate” to display the Affiliate table

(3) Click the “Get Link” to display a window connecting with MetaMask wallet

(4) Click "Next" and "Connect" to confirm successful wallet connection.

3. Guide to buy NFT Heroes at MarketPlace.

(1) MarketPlace:

(2) Click “Connect Wallet” to display the connection panel.

(3) Click to connect to MetaMask Wallet

(4) Click “Next” to connect wallet

(5) Click “Connect” to complete the wallet connection

(6) Find NFT Hero to buy

(7) Click “Buy Now” to buy Hero

(8) Press “Confirm” to buy.

(9) Go to the game to check the NFT Hero.

4. Some notable cases

1) Users can not buy Heroes in the marketplace -> because the wallet hasn't been connected yet --> watch the buying guide video (

2) Successfully bought Hero in the marketplace but not show up in the game -> because the wallet has not been connected to the game -> Watch the video on how to connect the wallet (

3) Buy a Hero that shows the cost of Gas 0.4 BNB -> that Hero is already bought by someone else -> click "BACK" to buy another Hero

5. Report game error and support needed

During the game experience, if you find an error or you need support, please report it to us by visiting the following link, and fill in the information according to the instructions. Error reported link:

Sincerely thanks!

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