16. Refine


In the function bar, click on the "Refine" function, illustrated:

Open condition: users reach Level 25.

Place where Heroes, Treasures, and equipment refine. Refined Heroes, Treasures, and equipments will regain all resources used on those Heroes, Treasures, and equipments. Heroes can only be refined when they are not in battle, Treasures and equipment can only be refine when they are not equipped on champions.

  • Hero;

  • Treasures;

  • Equipment.

Hero: equipment on Heroes when refining will automatically return to Inventory. In addition to receive back the equipments or resources used on the Hero, users can receive Tadpole Jade, Commander’s Seal and Copper. The higher Tier of the refining Hero, the more items you will receive. Tadpole Jade is used to buy items in the Black Market. Rune which is used on a Hero will return 50% of the equipped Level (Runes which are higher than Level 1 will return 50% of the equipped level), Level 1 will return 50% of the equipped Tier as follows:

  • Purple: return 3 Runes of blue Tier;

  • Blue: return 2 Runes of Green Tier;

  • Green: return 1 Rune of White Tier;

  • White: no return

Treasure: Refining Treasures will receive Copper and depending on the Tier of the Treasure, you will also receive Soul of Treasure piece:

  • • Purple Tier: get more Soul of Treasure piece;

  • Blue Tier or below: get Soul of treasure piece & Copper.

Equipment: Refining equipment only receive Copper.

Note: Tadpole Jade is a specialized item used to exchange items in the Black Market.

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