Part 4

Continuing the journey to increase the strength of the heroes that we own, in the previous part, we gave you 4 choices of blue heroes that have the ability to support extremely well for our squad in the early stages of the game. Next, we will tell you which heroes have good resistance and combine extremely well with the heroes in the previous part and some purple ranged heroes that have the ability to deal the most damage at My Master War.


This is a notorious character during the national war and he is also very famous in this My Master War game. Let’s take a quick look at the outstanding advantages of this general. :

  • Skill 1: Average casting rate, heals allies by 12% and also increases ATK by 20% for 6 seconds.

  • Skill 2: 40% lower health active, heal Cao Cao and surrounding allies for 20% hp.

With these 2 special skills, Cao Cao is one of the heroes with the best ability to withstand and support teammates in the front line, not to mention the HP support champions that we mentioned in the previous section. However, this is a very rare purple hero, so if you don’t have Cao Cao consult the next tanker.


Cao Ren is Cao Cao’s younger brother, maybe because of that, he is also one of the warriors with very good resistance or maybe even better than his brother Cao Cao, but unfortunately is that his skill does not have the ability to heal, a little bit about Cao Ren’s skills:

  • Skill 1: average casting rate, increase his own defense by 20% for 6 seconds.

  • Skill 2: medium casting rate, melee hits will counterattack nearby enemies, dealing 130% damage and stunning enemies for 2 seconds.

Possessing 2 skills to increase resilience and control the opponent, Cao Ren is the perfect choice for a tank position if your squad has a champion that restores HP for him. Especially, Cao Ren is very easy for players to own.

Please note this accumulation of runes if using the above 2 heroes, because it is very useful for champions on the front lines and this will improve resistant champions healing skill. Basic recovery from healing skills

Next are 2 heroes that deal massive damage and are loved by many generals, and are almost indispensable in any squad of non-NFT players.


The heroes that has the best ability to clear enemy minions at the moment.

  • Skill 1: skill ratio is medium, shoots a missile to a circular area dealing 140% damage and a scorching effect that burns 10% hp for 10 seconds

  • Skill 2: At the beginning of the match, shoot a horizontal fire arrow through the battlefield dealing 2 times 150% damage. (This is a key skill that helps Dai Kieu as a general that never stops being hot. This skill almost completely deals with all enemy minions, but note that this skill only appears when your Di Qiao reaches 3 stars)


The old general in the story of the Three Kingdoms, but in My Master War, he showed that he was not weak compared to other powerful generals, let’s talk about his skill set.

  • Skill 1: High casting rate, dealing 110% damage in a large range.

  • Skill 2: At the beginning of the match, increase the attack of the whole team by 15% (increase for Huang Zhong and his minions)

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing too outstanding compared to the generals I have listed for you above, but in fact, the strength of this old man comes from the high skill rate at skill 1 and go along with that skill 2 helps increase the strength of his soldiers. This 2nd skill will be very strong if players apply all the soldier runes to Huang Zhong.

This part will end here with 4 purple heroes that players cannot ignore when playing this My Master War game. The next part, we will show which are the mages with the ability to deal high damage, and have the ability to reverse the important battles.

Let’s look forward to part 5!

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