1. Introduction

Marketplace is a place where investors and users can::

· Buy, sell, rent Heroes, horses, NFT Item (items, magic treasures, scriptures, weapons, furnaces, medicinal herbs...), land, ally, spirit beasts, ...;

· Breed Heroes, horses, NFT Items, which can be sold or rented;

· Buy and sell items, NFT items to be able to upgrade Heroes, horses, magic treasures, weapons, troops ... to increase strength, intelligence, formations for the lineup of Heroes, horses, Dharma treasures, weapons. , army ...;

· Participate in competitions of Heroes, horses, treasures, weapons ... with strategies and methods to have a chance to win;

· Other functions will be gradually updated and upgraded.

To be able to buy, sell, rent and for rent, participate in competitions, users / investors need to connect wallets on Market place. After making purchases of Heroes, horses, NFT Items on Marketplace, they will be available in the corresponding Game.

2. User manual

Access the link to enter the marketplace:

The following screen will appear:

1. Click on connect wallet to connect the wallet, the list of wallets will appear as shown below:

2. Click MetaMask to connect MetaMask Wallet, the following screen will appear:

3. Select Wallet and click “Next” to continue connecting the selected Wallet

4. Click “Connect” to complete the wallet connection.

After connecting the wallet users can buy, sell, rent NFT in Marketpalce.

Users can filter NFT according to individual needs in the filter section.

When clicking on any NFT, the users can see the detailed information of the NFT.

Click “Buy now” to buy NFT.

Click “Confirm” to continue buying NFT.

Wait a while for the system to complete the transaction.

After completing the transaction, you can continue the transaction by clicking "Continue Buying" or viewing the purchased NFT in the inventory (if you do not see the NFT in the inventory, please reload and wait for few seconds to a few minutes).

NFTs already in inventory will be available in MyMasterWar Game (maybe 1-5 minutes delay). From here, users can use NFT to play games. In case the user has not connected the wallet to the account before buying NFT, they can Sync to the game later (coming soon).

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