Marketplace version 2


1. General description

From users ‘s great demand that they can trade NFT heroes freely with each other in an official and safe way. So we have upgraded the marketplace.

With marketplace version 2, you will have more opportunities to collect heroes, upgrade your squad or increase your profits without waiting for releasing heroes from us.

However, every playground needs its conditions. To understand the new function better, please read the next sections carefully.

2. Types of transactions

Marketplace version 2 was developed from version 1. It is included 3 types of transactions:

1) Heroes are sold by publisher,

2) Heroes are listed by players on marketplace,

3) Heroes transactions are traded directly between 2 players,

Here we explain in detail 2 new types of trading

2.1 Type of listing heroes on marketplace

- Players choose heroes that they own and list publicly on the marketplace for other players to see and trade.

- For each listing, the seller will have to bear the listed price by 5%, it means they will receive real value after selling heroes = selling price - 5% * (sale price)

- Listing prices must not be lower than the price specified by publisher

- Heroes for sale will have a hanging time of 60 minutes (this time can be changed by the publisher to fit the market). At the time of the hanging period, heroes will be displayed publicly on the marketplace and when entering the marketplace all players can see these heroes, but users only can buy when ending the hanging time. - Sellers can unlist at any time if heroes have not been bought by anyone else.

2.2 Type of direct transaction between 2 wallets

- Users can choose heroes to transfer directly between 2 different wallets without going through listing on the marketplace. However, we do not encourage it and we will not guide or solve any problems that happen between player and player.

  • After successfully activating the hero and using it in game, it will take 6 days to activate that hero into the game again.

2.3 Note

The transaction fees may be changed to fit the market, there will be an announcement when you buy and sell heroes.

Cases you must pay the fee to activate NFTs into the game to use the NFTs:

  • The heroes are owned by transferring between 2 wallets

  • The heroes that you used to list/unlist. Because when you list the NFT, it is a transaction between your wallet and the market wallet, so that NFT is basically no longer owned by you.

When using the Listing/Unlisting/Transfer NFT function, the corresponding in-game heroes will be lost. The system will send an InGame notification about the transaction you have made. You should burn the NFT to be back to level 1 before listing/transferring, so you can receive 80% of the resources you used for upgrading NFT. If not, you can only receive 50%

- The activation status of the NFT in game will be updated on the market, if there are any cases that NFTs status on the market is not the same as in game, please contact us to be supported. Absolutely do not continue reactivating, because you will probably lose the activation fee even though that hero has been activated.

3. Instructions for buying and selling on Marketplace version 2:

3.1 Listing NFTs intrusion::

  1. Choose NFT you want to list and click "Listing NFT"

  1. Tick “I agree to the terms of use”

  1. Enter the number you want to sell and select the currency (MAT or BNB) - not lower than the min price. When you enter the selling price, the fee will change corresponding to the selling price (fee = selling price * 5%)

  1. Click “Confirm” on the Metamask Wallet

  1. Wait few minutes for system to process the request and do listing to the market

  • Click "View on BSCScan" to view transaction details

  • Click "Go to Market" to return to the marketplace

  • Click "Close" to close the notification board

  1. Status of NFT has been listed successfully

3.2 Unlisting intrusion:

  1. Click button “Unlisting NFT” at the corresponding NFT at the Inventory screen or at the detailed hero screen

  1. Click "Confirm" on Metamask Wallet and wait few minutes to process

  1. Complete unlisting

3.3 Intrusion for activating NFT into in-game

  1. Click button "Active NFT" at the NFT you want to activate at the Inventory screen or at the details of that hero

  1. Tick “I agree to the terms of use”

  1. Note on the activation fee before confirming activation

  1. Click "Agree" to continue

  1. Click "Confirm" on Metamask Wallet

  1. Complete Activating, the NFT has been activated and can be used in the game

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