9. Arena


At the game home screen (Home) click on the "Arena" function, illustrated:

The following screen will appear:

To be able to participate in the Arena, users need to pass Chapter 1, Stage 2, Battle 3.

The Arena is where users will directly compete with each other to take top ranking.

After winning in the Arena, the users can get Copper, Reputation and randomly choosing item. Each time users challenge another user on the leaderboard, users lose 2 stamina points.

Users who get the higher ranking for the first time will also get the bonus Gold. At 22:00 daily, rewards will be paid according to the rankings, the higher the rank, the more rewards, especially for users ranked 500 and above, users will receive bonus MAT Token in the reward.

Rewards in the Arena are sent to users via mail.

Reputation can be used to buy items that increase the number of Hero positions in the ally (up to 10 positions), items to increase Hero stars, Purple Hero piece, purple equipment and Blue Heroes.

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