Part 9

We have had a tutorial on heroes that should be at the beginning, that article is useful for those of you who want to focus on experiencing the game. However, in a later stage of the game, new NFT heroes have been released, the type of heroes has become much more popular, which makes the game more unpredictable. Therefore, we will introduce a new article about NFT heroes which is good at owning to make it easier to experience the game and earn MAT with the least amount budget

Part 1: General parameters.

There are 5 classes in the game:

Mage (ranged combat)

Archer (ranged combat)

Cavalry (close combat)

Infantry (close combat)

Spear (close combat)

The classes fulfill three roles:



Damage infliction.

NFT, unlike other heroes in the game, have elements, a total of 5 (collecting all 5, you get a bonus: +10% to attack / +10% to defense / +10% to health).

The main indicators of the NFT (the higher the values - the better):

Attack (565 / 685 / 805 / 925 / 1045)

Defend (258 / 338 / 418 / 498 / 578)

HP (5759 / 6959 / 8159 / 9359 / 10559)

Secondary indicators (what they mean is not quite clear, but at Potential 84 and 85, NFT has a nice aura :D).

Intelligent (72 - 88)

Command (72 - 88)

Strength (72 - 88)

Potential (82 - 85)

Abilities of NFT heroes (all heroes have 2 abilities):

First Ability: Available immediately.

Second ability: Unlocked after earning 3 stars (stars can be obtained in-game using the Star Raising Rune purchased from the SHOP).


1) When buying the first NFT, you can not pay attention to its ELEMENT, in the further choice, you need to look at it, the first 5 NFT, ELEMENTs should be different, to get a significant bonus.

2) Primary characteristics are more important to us, looking to find the best option, eg:

3) We pay less attention to secondary characteristics, we don't sacrifice primary ones.

Part 2: Choosing the NFT.

At the initial stage, it is easiest to use ranged heroes, as, not pumped melee heroes can quickly die in battle, not bringing much use in the battle. In my opinion, in this case, the first and best choice is an archer or mage.

№1 Sun Quan - Archer

This is the best support hero ever! He heals, he gives impressive defense, he increases damage, and he makes your allied heroes use their abilities more often. Both of his abilities are awesome:

First Ability: Medium probability of casting, ranged hero heals 30% HP while increasing attack by 30% for 6 second.

Second ability: High probability of activation, increases all allied heroes defense by 30%, increases resistance by 40%, while increasing soldier's will (launching skill probability high) 50%, continuously 6 second.

This hero has a minimum starting price, so that makes him a very good buy! He's great in all game modes. Especially useful in the Battle Arena (the mode where you can start earning MAT with NFT), as he can heal, which will help save gold. Also, this is the hero who needs to make 3 stars first!

№2 Hou Tou - Mage

Unlike Sun Quan, can also heal a melee group. Together they are good at maintaining your group's overall defense. Since Hou Tou is a Mage, he can stand up to everyone, Sun Quan may not stand up to a good swordsman. His second ability is for controlling your opponents. This hero can also be found at minimal cost.

First Ability: Medium probability of casting, heals 20% HP to all team, removes disadvantageous effects, increases defense by 30% for 6 seconds.

Second ability: Medium probability, deals 130% damage in large range, while stunning enemies for 3 seconds.

№3 Lu Su - mage / Huang Zhong - archer / Jiang Wei - archer

The third hero will be considered with the aim of the Battle Arena, as in this mode it is most effective to earn with 3 NFT, in addition to Sun Quan and Hou Tou can choose such heroes as: Lu Su - mage / Huang Zhong - archer / Jiang Wei - archer. These heroes will be a good striking force, while Sun Quan and Hou Tou, in addition to dealing damage, will keep the team at the proper level. These heroes can cost more. If there is a good deal on the market, Zhuge Liang, the mage, might be worth considering.

This part will end here with the NFT heroes that you should own. Next, we will tell you four additional abilities in the game that will help your group in battles that are useful in PvE battles

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