Part 1

MyMasterWar is a strategy game about the Three Kingdoms period and the gameplay is not easy for newbies. So we will produce a series to guide you as well as share the experiences of other players. It will help you to optimize your strength and get your profit easier.

  1. Let's start with free heroes that you have at the beginning. This is a way to save resources and still can increase strength in the mid-period of the game.

  2. Use heroes with blue rank and a set of blue skills, because these heroes in the early period will provide a powerful overall that is stronger than purple heroes. Of course, don’t worry about resources to upgrade your heroes, when not used anymore we can separate these heroes and get the most important resource back.

  3. Do I need to choose a system of heroes to optimize my strength? You should have for yourself a strong spear, infantry, and cavalry at the front line, the rest should focus on the squire and bow heroes. Choose the archer who has the blue skill to clear enemy heroes' soldiers.

  4. The next tips for newbies can upgrade strength quickly and save resources (gold):

  • 06:00 PM, + 09:00 PM, + 12:00 PM (UTC TIME), game has free stamina for online players in these time frames, please online regularly and practice heroes to level up faster

  • There are 2 special items that help to level up very well in game: chicken, ginseng. You can buy them at the game's store or claim gifts when MAT has special events, buy as many as possible for optimizing the experience of your heroes.

  • I will reveal to you extremely useful information to help you quickly catch up with old players, of course not equal, but it will help you shorten a lot of distances with other players. The game often has events to double gifts when going to the arena and conquering. And when you are newbies, you have so many ginsengs and chickens, save and use them for occasions of double gifts and experiences at conquest and arena.

Summary (part 1 of series): this is a guide to help you to have the basic squad at the early stage of the game and the types of resources that you should save so that when there is an event of double gifts you can shorten the distance from old players, always keep an eye on the game's store.

P/s: Part 2 will go after you have a stable lineup and need purple heroes to go long-term. I will reveal to you the heroes with optimal strength suitable for Farmers, let's wait.

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