11. Expedition


At the game home screen (Home) click on the "Expedition" function, illustration:

Collection of game stages built based on the context and time of the game. It consists 2 types, Normal Stage and Elite Stage, which the Bot's stats will be higher than Normal Stage and also has more reward.

Clicking on the construction will appear the following screens:

  • Normal stages;

  • Elite stages.

It consists of 5 Chapters, each Chapter will have 5 Stages, each stage has 10 battles. Each battle will have a star collection achievement reward: 12, 24, 30 stars. Particularly for stage 1, Chapter 1, there are only 5 stages and the rewards for collecting stars are only: 6, 15 stars.

Normal expedition:

  • Each time users play in the battle; users will lose 6 energies;

  • Rewards for each stage can include Commander’s Seal, soldier equipment, Hero upgrade materials and Hero equipment;

  • In the 10 levers of the stage, there are 2 levers, respectively, the 5th and 10th battle, in addition to awarding Commander’s Seal and soldier equipment, there is also a reward of Hero equipment;

  • Star achievement rewards include Copper, Gold, chests, Chest Key and Good Wine. Especially from Chapter 2 onwards, 30-star achievement rewards will receive more MAT Tokens.

Elite Expedition:

  • From the first lever to the 9th lever, users do not lose energy to participate in the lever, only 10th lever costs 12 energy points;

  • Each lever has a unique reward, only level 10 will be able to receive random rewards: Hero piece, Treasure piece, equipment and equipment piece;

  • The reward in levers 2, 6 is Gold, in levers 4 is Sichuan Brocade, in level 8 is Black Iron, the rest of the levers are soldier equipment;

  • Especially from Chapter 2 onwards, users can also receive MAT Tokens from star achievement rewards.

Note: Battle Card is a specialized item used to sweep the level.

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