Part 8

BLACK IRON is needed to improve equipment as well as to create gold equipment items. Players can spend between 10 and 1000 pieces of black iron per item (depending on luck and persistence to get the best result), but players can usually get by with 170-250 pieces to get an acceptable result. To create a gold item, players need to spend 1000 black iron.

Important!!! Before upgrading an item, make sure that the dropped characteristics are suitable for you.

Improving the equipment affects the character's strength very well, so black iron is a necessary resource, but it is difficult to obtain in large quantities.

Important!!! When you take things apart, black iron is not returned.

It won't be in high demand in the early stages of the game, so players can accumulate a small supply for the future. Don't spend it on blue stuff, players can spend some on epic stuff, but don't try to max it out.

Ways to get it:

Under Activity, for certain in-game actions, spending gold, spinning the roulette wheel, buying gold, etc.

Under Achievement, for example, for pumping weapons to certain levels.

For defeating the World boss players can be rewarded with some black iron. The world boss appears twice a day.

Important!!! After the battle with the world boss do not forget to get a reward, it does not come automatically!

Purchased for Tadpole Jade on the market.

Attention!!! There are a lot of useful things in this section, do not spend everything thoughtlessly on black Iron.

In the SHOP, in the Pass off, for a Human Head (earned in the Campaign) players can buy Black Iron, in addition, if necessary, players can bargain for equipment. Also worth checking out are Ginseng, Roast Chiken, and Market Renewal Ticket.

MMWRank gives out a large amount of black iron at the end of the season. The higher your final rank, the more you get.

Also for the daily battles will be accrued medals, for these medals in the shop in the tab section MMWRank players can buy black iron.

Attention!!! In this section you can buy other useful awards.

This part will end here with ways to collect Black Iron. Let us know what you want and look forward to part 9!

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