Part 14: Buying and spending gold correctly

Gold is one of the most valuable resources in the game. It is important to learn how to spend it correctly, at the right time and for the right things.

To start is to buy gold, but you should not hurry, see what bonuses are available for its purchase at the moment in the "ACTIVITY", if at the moment they do not, wait until they do not appear, it may take from 1 day to 2 weeks. Bonuses for buying gold are different sometimes they may overlap, ie at the same time will be available for 1-3 different tasks. So if you have a lot of patience, you can wait.

The tasks are roughly as follows:

1) Buy 150,000 gold, you can get bonuses for buying several stages, for 3,000, 6,000, 15,000, 30,000, 60,000, and 150,000. For 150,000 you can get a very valuable reward.

2) Buy 1.320 or 6.600 gold, there are two stages, you can buy 6.600 gold and get a reward for two stages at once.

3) +50% of purchased gold. There are also several stages: 1.320 (+660 gold gift), 6.600 (+3.300), 21.120 (+10.560), 42.240 (+21.120), 69.300 (+34.650) and 137. 280 (+68.640). It is important that buying 42.240 gold, for example, we also get bonuses for previous stages.

Buying gold, do not rush to spend it immediately, go to the section "ACTIVITY", check if there are bonuses to spend gold. If there is, check how much time is given to spend gold, as for example there is a task to spend 150.000 gold, most often given to spend 7 days, if there is little time, it may be worth waiting when there will be the next task to spend, as reasonable to spend this amount of gold for a short time problematic.

Tasks are like this:

1) Spend 150,000 gold, the same as with the purchase, but here already counts bonus gold!

Where to spend gold:

1) Buying "Star Raising Rune" to improve NFT heroes, each stone costs 5000 gold, but you can only buy 4 of them in 1 day. Buying "Star Raising Rune" will take the most gold.

2) "Ginseng", 1 piece gives 10 stamina, gives you the opportunity to participate in "Arena" and "Treasure" battles - to get horses and books. This includes 100 experience and other rewards for each participation.

3) Soul Treasure Piece and Treasure Forge Gem - Needed to improve books and horses. Soul Treasure Piece - Can also be obtained by dismounting epic horses and books.

4) Purchase "Rune Hummer" to open closed rune slots. 1 Rune Hummer costs 10 gold, and you need 370 Rune Hummers per hero. That's 3700 gold for each hero. "Rune Hummer" can be obtained for daily quests (2 units per day), and from the chests for the passage of the "Campaign" (0-15 units per day), it is up to you to buy or not, but if you have extra gold, better buy, the runes give a good reselience.

5) You can buy "Small Blessing Jar", "Mid Blessing Jar" and "Large Blessing Jar" for gold. They are needed to increase the % of successful creation of runes of better quality. Required runes are difficult to get, better to increase the chance to 100% (they will not increase the chance of creating gold runes, it will always be equal to 5%).

6) Roulette under "ACTIVITY" (a recurring event), 1 roll may be worth 250 or 350 gold. There are often good rewards.

7) Buying heroes in the tavern, 10 heroes 2520 gold, be sure to combine with the event under "ACTIVITY", because for recruiting a large number of heroes we additionally get great rewards.

8) Buying "Food" for battles, food can be spent on "Expeditions" mainly to gain experience.

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