Part 2

After chap 1, now we give you more detailed information to help you to upgrade the strength of the heroes.

Priority list of the items:

  • Commander's seal

  • Copper coin: accumulated as much as possible, this is an item needed for all activities in the game

  • Training troop tutorial

  • Equipment to upgrade soldiers: This is the type of limited material at conquesting stages 5/5

  • Soul of treasure horse piece and book of the heroes: Can get from the separation of horse treasures, purple books at the smithy, so use them thoroughly

Note: In Epic War and Training Hero - Arena, try to prioritize the stages that include commander's seal and copper (00:00 AM UTC it will reset the stage, 05:00 AM UTC it will update the number of hits). Why not upgrade soldiers' pieces soldiers pieces? Because you can get the upgrading soldiers pieces from sweeping the stage very easy, but commander's seal and copper coin are not easy for getting

Pay attention to element systems that are opposite to each other in the game, because it might be a turning point that helps you to defeat people stronger enemies than you

Rune is an important part of the early stages until you reach level 6x. Let's try to collect a lot of blue runes and merge them gradually to the purple level asap. Common runes in the current trend

  • Attack rune

  • Great soldier rune - Increase the number of soldiers around the hero

  • Dodge rune

  • Immune rune

  • Healer rune - Only effective for hero who use it

Note: In this phase, spending runes to upgrade other runes is very expensive, so upgrading to +2 to optimize the strength of blue rune.

Hope you have the best strength milestone soon!

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