Part 11: The best starting heroes (1)

MMW: Contents of the guide.

My Master War has a large number of heroes, as well as a large number of ways to get them, each hero has his own abilities and goals, let's decide who you should pay attention to and how to get such heroes.

In the first part we will talk about where and how you can get good heroes, in the second part next week, what heroes you need to collect.


First of all, heroes can be obtained in the "Tavern".

"Good wine" - mostly white and green heroes, sometimes blue ones come across. If you are very lucky, with a meager chance you can get a hero of epic quality. Good wine is awarded for completing various stages in the game and for completing two tasks in the "Mission".

"Precious Wine" - more often blue quality heroes, but with a very good chance you can get an epic quality hero (once every 24 hours you can get a hero for free). The rest of the time, 1 hero - 280 gold, if you buy 10 at once, then 1 comes out for free.


Heroes or piece of heroes can be bought in the "Market" for "Tadploe Jade". For one hero of epic quality, you will have to pay 3000 "Tadploe Jade", for his piece 100 "Tadploe Jade" (in order to collect one hero of epic quality, 30 piece are needed). It is worth deciding in advance whether you will collect the hero in parts or buy it right away, my advice is to buy in parts.

Having collected the required number of parts of the hero, in the "HERO" section, scrolling down the list, you can put them together and get the coveted hero.


You can also buy heroes in the "SHOP", in the "PASS off" section for "Human head" and in the "Arena" section for "Honor". I do not advise wasting resources on heroes and their parts in this section. Expensive.


Rarely, a hero or part of a hero can be obtained in the "Campaign" from a chest for completing a stage.


In the "Activity" section, for activity in the game, for example, for buying or spending gold, as well as playing roulette. You can get a box with a great hero of epic quality, or "Du Kang", the same as "Precious Wine". For playing roulette, you can win a part of the top epic hero Cao Cao.


In the "Expedition" section, you can get parts of heroes or "Du Kang", for completing stages, Also in Elite mode, for completing the last stage (it can be completed 5 times a day), you can get a particle of a hero (in different battles, different heroes).


"Recharge" section, for the first purchase of gold you can get an epic hero, just as good heroes can be obtained for getting VIP1, VIP2, VIP3 and VIP4. Those. when you first purchase gold, you will receive at least 2 heroes

Next week, we will analyze which heroes are worth hunting for and which heroes, with proper pumping, will be on a level with NFT heroes!

(To be continued)

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