In-game currency system

In the game, there are 2 main currencies: Gold and MAT Token..

1. MAT Token

MAT Token is the currency users can receive from buying on the exchange or participating in Play to Earn activities in the game. MAT Token on the exchange is bought with USDT or BUSD, the system will upgrade to be able to buy with ETH, BTC.

The price of MAT Token will change according to the MAT Token price on the exchange, the initial valuation of 1 MAT Token is $ 2.

2. Gold (Kim Nguyen Bao)

Gold is the currency that users can receive when they load MAT Token into the game and receive rewards for in-game activities.

Gold is the main currency used to buy items at the in-game Shop. In addition, Gold is also used in many other features and activities of the game.

3. How to top up

3.1. Overview

Users/investors use USDT or BUSD … to buy MAT Token on the Token exchange to top up into the game.

Deposit milestones in the game are priced at a fixed price in USD, then converted to MAT Token, so the value of MAT Token for each deposit may change, because the price of MAT Token will change according to the price of MAT Token on the exchange. Initial valuation of 1 MAT Token is 2$

3.2. Recharge

1. Click on recharge or the “+” icon on the Gold value bar. The following screen appears

2. Click on one of the deposit value frames to top up, the token wallet connection screen appears as follows:

3. Click “Confirm” to load, and wait for the system to process. After the system finishes processing, a successful loading screen will appear as follows:

4. First Charge

When users first top up into the game, they will receive a gift pack for the first time including: Purple Heroes Zhao Yun, 4 Purple Equipment Chests, 800 Sichuan Brocade, 666,666 Copper.

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