1. General Introduction:

The guild is a new function launching this June, players go to the home screen and look for “MMWGuild” (Feature icon as below)

  • Interface:

  • The player needs 1000 golds to create a guild.

  • Maximum Guild level: 5.

  • Maximum number of members: 50.

  1. Detailed introduction:

- Appointment: Used to appoint a member to a position in the guild. The positions include Leader, Co-Leader, and Elder.

- Kick: Exclude members from the guild

- New member: Approve members to join the guild.

- Settings: Set up guild notifications and auto-approve requests to the guild.

- Leave: leave the guild

- Donate 50 golds: Donate 50 golds to upgrade the guild and get 200 guild contribution points

- Donate 50,000 Copper Coin: Donate 50,000 copper to upgrade the guild and get 50 contribution points

- Info: Information about the guild

- Skill: buff skill for all guild members

- Boss: Guild Boss

- Shop: Guild Shop

  • Skills:

- Use gold to increase EXP points, if reaching the corresponding EXP points will increase the level of skill.

- Cost 100 Gold / 100 EXP

- There are 4 stats increased: Attack, Defense, Health, and Speed

- Can upgrade each skill up to 5 levels.

  • Boss:

- Each day a player has maximum 5 times to fight the Boss

- Can use 50 golds to cheer

- All members can get Boss reward so it takes a lot of supporting from guild members

- Boss spawns at 12:00 UTC everyday and will leave after 12 hours if not defeated

  • SHOP:

- When you donate, you will receive contribution points and contribution coins.

- Contribution coins are used to purchase items in guild shop

  1. New item - New Function:

Evolution Orb:

- Price: 200 contribution coins

- Use with Gold Equipment to upgrade equipment

New function: Evolve equipment

- There are 2 ways to enter the equipment evolution function

+) Home screen -> Heroes -> Select equipment to evolve -> Enhance -> Evolve

+) Main screen -> Inventory -> Equipment -> Select equipment to evolve -> Evolve

- Ingredient:

+) Random gold equipment and gold equipment of the same type

+) Evolution Orb

- Each equipment can be evolved up to 5 times

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