2. Heroes


At the function bar, click on the "Hero" icon, illustrated:

Then the following screen appears:

This is a list of the Hero that user has recruited, clicking on any Hero will appear the following Hero information screen:

The Hero system in MyMasterWar is extremely diverse, gathering all the Heroes around the world in the Middle Ages.

In the first part, the Heroes that appeared were the Heroes of the Three Kingdoms period of China, gradually expanded to other Heroes of all countries in the Middle Ages.

Hero Tier

In the early stages of the game, the current champion has 5 types of increasing tier: Normal Hero (white), Rare Hero (green), Epic Hero (blue), Legendary Hero (purple), God Hero (Yellow). In the game upgrade version, there will be more Hero items.


In the early stages of the game, there are 5 types of Troops: Infantry, Spear Army, Cavalry, Archery, and Master Mind. Each Hero will belong to one of these 5 types of troops, and the troops that the Hero leads will be in the same army as the Hero.

Hero’s troop information is listed next to the Hero’s name:

At the Hero information screen:

Up level Hero

At the Hero information screen, click the "Up level" button, illustrated:

Then the following screen appears:

The Hero's maximum upgrade is equal to the user’s level, the maximum is Level 1,000. Up level a Hero requires Copper and specialized items, or using a Hero of the tier (green) or less. One Hero upgrading uses up to 5 Materials (or Heroes).

The amount of Copper consumed is equal to the amount of experience the Hero gets.

There are 4 types of items to upgrade Heroes.

ICONItemExperience added for Heroes

War Diary


Draft of military tactics


Training Troop Tutorial


The secret of war tactics


Equip and enhance equipment

Hero’s equipment: there are 4 types of weapons, armor, helmets, and jewelry.

Clicking on an unequipped location will bring up the following screen:

Selecting an item and clicking the "Equip" button will wear it to the champion.

Equipment has 4 Tiers from low to high according to color: white (normal), green (rare), blue (very rare), purple (epic) and will soon have higher tier equipment.

Equipment of green tier or higher can be obtained by combining equipment pieces:

  • Purple: 10 pieces with regular purple gear, 20 pieces with set purple gear;

  • Blue: 10 pieces with both normal equipment and gear sets;

  • Green: 10 pieces with both normal equipment and gear sets.

In the function bar, click on the "Inventory" icon, illustrated:

Then the following screen will appear:

Click on the “Fragments” icon, the following screen will appear:

Users can match equipment with a sufficient number of pieces by clicking the "Fusion" button.

Equipment of blue tier or higher will have additional attributes for the Troop that the Hero leads if the Hero has the correct equipment for that Troop:

  • Attack: +4% with blue-tier gear, +10% with purple-tier gear;

  • Defense: +4% with blue-tier gear, +10% with purple-tier gear;

  • HP: +4% with blue-tier equipment, +10% with purple-tier equipment;

  • Number of soldiers: +1 for both blue and purple gear.

Equipment also divides into normal equipment and equipment sets, equipment belonging to the equipment set will have higher stats than normal equipment (30%) and gains additional stats if the equipped Hero has the required number of items: enough 2, 3, 4 equipments will be added stats. Equipment from green-tier or higher will have the equipment set.

Enhancement of equipment: the success rate when enhancing is 100%, besides there is an increased rate of enhance (can increase by 2-3 levels), equipment has the maximum enhancement level as same as the character's level at the time there (can deviate up to 2 levels due to the increase in strength when strengthening).


Clicking on the equipped Hero, then the following screen will appear

Conditions: pass Chapter 2, Stage 3, battle 10;

A function helps improve and add new stats to equipment. Refining can increase or decrease the item's stats. Refining requires the main material is Black Iron, depending on which type of Refining, the amount of Black Iron increases or decreases and whether or not additional materials are lost (Copper or Gold). There are 3 types of Refining:

Refine TypeBlack IronCopperGold

Regular Practice




Copper Practice




Special Practice




Note: Black Iron is the main material used to refine equipment.

Rune and Mosaic Rune

At the Hero information screen, click on the function "Rune", illustrated:

Then the following screen will appear:

Function of inlaying all kinds of Rune (can be understood as runes to increase stats) on champions to help increase the stats of champions. There are 3 types of Rune: attack, defense and support, a total of 3 types include 19 different Rune, of which there are 15 Normal Rune (plus 1 stat) and 4 High-class Rune (plus 2 points).

Types of Rune

Name of RuneAttribute

Beginner of HP Rune


Beginner of Attack Rune


Mid-class Defense Rune


Low-class Break Armor Rune

Armor Penetration (reduces target's armor)

Low-class of Immune Rune

Reduce damage

Low-class Accurate Rune


Beginner of Dodge Rune


Beginner/Mid-class of Critial Rune

Critical Rate (ability to make mutant damage)

Beginner of Critial Rune

Critical Damage (Mutation Damage)

Low-class Speed Rune

Attack and Speed

Low-class of Great Soldiers

Number of soldiers leading

Mid-class Vampire Rune

Life steal

Final Rune

Therapeutic effect (self and ally healing ability)

Mid-class Anti Magic Rune

Effect Resistance (reduces chance of receiving adverse effects)

Mid-class Dodge Rune

Effect reduction (reduces the effectiveness of adverse effects)

High-class Speed Rune

Attack, attack speed and movement speed

High-class God Shield Rune

Defense and damage reduction

High-class of HP Rune

HP and life-steal

High-class of Revival Rune

Avoidance and therapeutic effect

Each Rune has 4 different tiers classified by increasing color: white, green, blue, purple. Each Rune has different stats, the higher the tier, the higher the stats added. The 4 types of high-class Rune have only 1 tier, purple and add 2 stats to the Hero.

Rune different tiers has different maximum enhancement levels according to white being 2, green being 4, blue being 8, purple being 12. To enhance Rune need the same tier Rune and Copper, enhancement levels:

Enhancement leverRequired material - CopperRequired material - Equivalent Rune





































Low-quality Rune can be combined to increase their tier at the " Smithy" feature.

At first, Heroes have 2 open Rune positions, if users want to open more Rune positions, users need to use Rune Hammer to open more, up to 6 positions.

When replacing a new Rune in a position where Rune already exists, the Rune used on a Hero will be returned 50% of the equipped Level (Rune on Level 1 will return 50% of the equipped level), Rune Level 1 will return 50% of the equipped tier as follows:

  • Purple: return 3 Rune of blue tier of the same type;

  • Blue: return 2 Rune of green tier of the same type;

  • Green: return 1 Rune of white tier of the same type;

  • White: do not return.

Note: Hammer Rune is a specialized item used to open more Rune positions.

Treasure (common name for horses and books), enhance and refine

At the Hero information screen, click on the box to equip the Treasure, detailed picture:

Then the following screen will appear:

Select the Treasure and then click the "Equip" button to equip the Hero with the Treasure.

Treasures including horses and books will be upgraded in the future, Treasure can be fusion by pieces in the "Treasure" feature in the "Arena" function.

Treasures are divided into two types: Material Treasures and Normal Treasures. Material Treasures cannot be equipped on Heroes and have only 1 effect, which is to serve as strengthening materials for other Treasure, Normal Treasures can be equipped, enhanced and as materials to enhance other Treasures.

Horses and books are divided into 3 tiers from low to high according to color: green, blue, purple.

Each Hero will have a fate with its own horses and books, if equipped with the right type of horses and books, the Hero will have more attributes.

At the Hero information screen, click on the location where the Treasure is equipped, illustrated:

Then the following screens will appear:

  • Horses;

  • Books.

Clicking on the “Enhancement” button, then the following screens will appear:

  • Books;

  • Horses:

Enhancing Treasure requires Copper and other Treasures as materials, the maximum enhancement level is equal to the character's level. Treasures of purple or higher tier (except for Material Treasures) cannot be used as enhancement materials:

Refining a Treasure increases its stats. Treasure Refining requires the items "Elite Treasure" and Copper. The maximum Refinement level of the Treasure is 10, the Refining success rate is 100%. The higher the Refining Level, the more Refining materials needed:

  • Horses;

  • Book.

Refine LevelHP stats increase each levelMaterials - CopperMaterials - Soul of Treasure piece









































Note: Soul of Treasure piece is used to upgrade high-class Treasure Piece.

Up stars

At the champion information screen, under the Hero Level section is the information about the hero's star count, click "Up stars" to increase the hero's stars, illustrated:

Then the following screen will appear:

When the materials are full, you can click "Upgrade" to increase the star for the Hero.

At the beginning, the Hero is 0 stars, Hero can increase up to 7 stars, only the Hero from the tier of Epic Hero (blue) or higher can increase the star. Different tiers of Heroes can increase different the maximum number of stars: Epic Hero (blue) maximum 5 stars, Legendary Hero (purple) maximum 7 stars. There are 2 types of Up-star Hero

  • Normal Hero: to increase a Hero's star requires Copper and one or more other items and requires a special material that is a copy Hero (recruit the same Hero in Tavern).

  • NFT Heroes: to increase the stars of NFT Heroes, users need to have NFT Hero Upgrade Stone, Copper and Sichuan Brocade.

When the Hero reaches enough stars, it will activate the corresponding talent, each Hero has 7 talents, each Hero when activating the third talent will open the Second skill.


  • Sichuan brocade: used to increase Hero stars;

  • Scripture: Treasure and also an item used to raise the Hero's star;

  • Chronicles: Treasures and also items used to up stars Hero;

  • NFT Hero Upgrade Stone.

  • Copy Hero: recruit a Hero with the same name, same tier.


At the Hero information screen, click on the "Details" icon, illustrated:

A group of Heroes or Treasures that are related to that Hero in the context and time of the game. When fully recruiting Heroes, equipped with Treasures that have a connection with the Hero, that Hero will be added attributes. A Hero has 3 fate links with Heroes and 2 fate links with Treasures (1 link with horses, 1 link with books).

Five elements (Water, Earth, Metal, Wood, Fire)

Common name for the 5 systems of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. Only NFT Heroes can possess the Five Elements. Heroes with five elements will increase their damage by 20% and reduce damage taken by 20% from Heroes without five elements (NFT Heroes will make more damage and reduce the amount of damage taken from Normal Heroes and Bots). The Five Elements will have mutual and incompatibility, mutuality is shown when there is a Hero with a mutuality system in the team that helps increase the stats of Heroes and Soldiers, and the opposite affects the damage of the Heroes


  • Mutuality: Metal supports Water, Water supports wood, wood supports fire, fire supports earth, and earth supports metal;

  • Mutuality effect: Metal and Water will increase 5% defense for Water, Water and wood will increase 5% HP, wood and fire will increase 5% attack, fire and earth will increase 5% defense, earth and Metal will increase 5% attack. When there are enough Five Elements Heroes in the team, all Heroes in the team will increase their entire stats by 15%.

Mutual overcoming:

  • Mutual overcoming: Water counters fire, fire counters metal, metal counters wood, wood counters earth, earth counters water;

  • Mutual overcoming effect: When facing a Hero, the damage made by the Hero is reduced by 20% and the damage taken is increased by 20%.

Upgrading Soldiers

In the Hero information screen, the information of the soldiers is below other information, illustrated:

Click “Upgrade” button, the following screen will appear:

The maximum level of the soldier is equal to the user’s level, to level up the soldier requires "Commander’s Seal". Each level up, soldiers will only increase up to 10 levels, after 10 levels, soldiers need to break through a large or small level to increase the next level. Users can level up soldiers quickly by clicking the "MAX" button, soldiers will be increased to the highest level in their ability (enough number of Soldiers, not exceeding 10 levels, not exceeding user level).

Soldiers have 4 great tiers (change in image, tier) from low to high, which are tier 1 (white), tier 2 (green), tier 3 (blue), tier 4 (purple). In addition to the large steps, there are also small ones (increasing the index) distributed in large orders above green tier:

  • Green: has 2 sub-tiers;

  • Blue: has 2 sub-tiers;

  • • Purple: has 3 sub-tiers.

In order to break through soldiers, users need to wear full equipment for soldiers, equipped with soldiers of 5 types: weapons, hats, armor, sub-armor, books arranged in order from left to right. Soldiers' equipment can be obtained from Expedition, Training Hero (in Arena function), purchased in the Store of Military Supply, Campaign, Secret Base. Each equipment to be able to wear soldiers meets the required level, each type of army has the required level with its own equipment position.

After maximum upgrade of soldiers, the "+" signs at the equipment locations of the minions turn green means that they can wear equipment and have enough equipment for the soldiers at that location.

Clicking on the equipment locations will appear the following screen:

Click “Upgrade” to upgrade soldiers, then the following screen will appear:

After fully equipping the soldiers, click the "Upgrade" button:

Then the following screen appears:

Click the "Upgrade" button to upgrade the soldier tier:

The locations where the equipment image appears and the number below is the position where the amount of equipment is insufficient, the positions showing the "+" sign are the positions with enough equipment, which can equip immediately. Clicking on locations with insufficient equipment will appear the following screen:

Click on the “Upgrade” button, the following screen will appear:

In the table is a list of stages in Expedition where equipment can be obtained. Clicking on the “Go” icon will take users to that level.

Note: Commander’s Seal is a specialized item used to level up soldiers.

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